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banana shake

Banana Shake

Knock knock. Who’s there?Banana. Who Banana? I am the one who is here to make your healthy lifestyle, Time flies like arrow and fruit flies like a banana. Banana shake is so simple and easy to make at home. It is super satisfying you can make it in few minutes. It’s health giving.  The ever favorite fruit loved by children. The recipe of milkshake is so simple that your kids can make it themselves. You need not worry. The most interesting fact about banana is that they are used to loss weight.   A well-known quote on a banana ” The Older you get, the BETTER you get, unless you are  Banana.” You have such a big mouth; you could a  eat banana sideways. If you place good food in your fridge, you could eat better to eat. So place banana in your fridge and enjoy your healthy life. Every person has different thoughts about fruits; As like some says, “Never make an eye contact, while eating Banana“.

Here are some important facts about this fruit.

banana Shake
benefits of banana


  • It helps to reduce depression.
  • Makes teeth stronger.
  • Regulates the bowl system
  • Reduce blood pressure.
  • Reduce heart attack.
  • Helps in weight loss.
  • Also helps to gain weight.
  • Boost immunity.
  • Improves menstrual pain.
  • Power our brains
  •  prevents the ulcer.
  • The most amazing fact, helps to quit smoking. 

Preparation Time:

  • Yield:   2 servings.
  • time:     10 minutes.


  • Bananas:   2-3 bananas
  • Sugar:         to taste 
  • Milk:           2 cups 
  • ice:               4-5 cubes
  • cream:       1/2 cup, or as required
  • Almond:    2-3 for garnishes (optional)

How to make:

  • Firstly, take a blender jug, add chopped bananas.
  • Add sugar, if you want,
  • Add milk in the jar. 
  • Blend the ingredients.
  • Add cream 1- 2 spoons to make it smooth.
  • If you add crushed ice the blender then it will go faster.
  • Pour the milkshake in the glass. 

Enjoy the delicious and ever yummiest milkshake with your friends. You can also prepare such drinks in parties or when someone visit  your place. It seems to be healthy and tasty drink ever.


  • Add crushed almond on the top of the juice. 
  • Add ice cream scoop in shake to make it unique.
  • Add honey in  the glass.
  • Serves Immediately.

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