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French Toast

French toast is very famous breakfast in European countries. Their children loved this food. Even this breakfast not only famous in Europe, but also in Asia. Pakistani and Indian children are fall in love with this tasty french toast. This makes theirs beautiful.This breakfast is very healthy for kids. Kids are of any type, they may be of age 2 years or 10 or 15 years, Nobody keeps themselves away from it. The very delicious and health-giving food.This food is also known as “Sweet Bread“.I hope you all enjoy the recipe and also want to try at home. Yes, it’s very easy to cook it at home. No need to go to restaurants. Make your mother happy and ready your breakfast by yourself. Surprise your parents by preparing breakfast, not only for yourself but for your family. Everybody loves surprises.And if these surprises are given by you to your family than trust me there is nothing bigger or more beautiful and amazing thing in this  world except to make your parents feel good. The morning food, a delicious french toast and the most interesting thing, made by you. Yes, it’s a time to do something different, something unique or worth giving. Make your day like every day is mother’s day or father’s day. A well-known lines said by the great person,”Believe me there is Nothing better to seeing your parents happy just because of you.

Now the time is coming and I am going to tell you how to make such a suspicious french toast.I always started my recipe by

  • Ingredients,
  • preparation time and
  • then how to cook.


  1. Bread:        5-6 slices
  2. eggs:            1 egg
  3. milk:           1 cup milk
  4. oil:               2-3 tbsp
  5. sugar:           3-4 tbsp

Preparation time:-

  1. Yield:    2 serving
  2. Time:      15 mins

how to prepare such a delicious sweet bread:-

  1. First of all, take a non-stick pan and place it on a stove.
  2. add oil in the pan.S
  3. In a separate plate prepare the mixture in which we have to dip bread slices.
  4. In this plate, add milk, sugar and beat it.
  5. When milk and sugar beat properly, add egg and then start beating.
  6. when all the mixture mixed in a way and it comes in yellowish white liquid.
  7. Now take a slice and dip it in the mixture that is prepared in plate.
  8. Put that slice in the pan, and heat it until it turns into golden brown colour.
  9. Change the side of the slice, again repeat the process of heat and wait for 2-3 minutes, so slice turns into golden brown.
  10. One slice is ready put it in a new plate.
  11. Now, for the next slice repeat steps 7-10.
  12. The tastier, the sweeter and the stunning french toast dish is ready.

It’s the time to serve. Enjoy this with your family and do not forget to reply us. Waiting for your feedback. See you in the next recipe with more amazing dishes and with more surprises. Stay tunned. Thank you.

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