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Mango Milk Shake
Mango Milk Shake

Mango Shake

Are you looking for Mango shake? And you have no idea how to make? Am I right? Okay. Then it’s the time to surprise you. Yes, you are thinking exactly right. Today I am going to tell you how to make mango shake at home. How you save your money and secure yourself from viral disease. No need to worry, I am here to help you out. The recipe we are going to make is very easy. It takes not more than 10 minutes. Time is precious and we know the value.  Are you feel worry about calories? Uh. Don’t worry I’ll tell you the benefits, the calorie you gain from this shake and overall criteria like preparation time, Ingredients and how to make.

Benefits of Mangoes:-

benefits of Mangoes
  1. Good for eyes.
  2. Good for Anemia Patient.
  3. Helps to gain weight.
  4. Control blood pressure.
  5. Beneficial In pregnancy
  6. Strengthen bones.
  7. For better sex.
  8. Skin glowing effect.
  9. It improves digestion.
  10. It helps to prevent cancer.
  11. Nourishes with Vitamins.
  12. Boosts Immunity.
  13. Better for a heart patient.


Preparation time:-

  • Yield:    2 servings
  • Time:     15 minutes


  • Mangoes:       2-3 ( medium size)
  • Milk:                1/2 kg
  • Sugar:              3-4 spoons (or to taste)
  • Cream:             2 spoons(optional)
  • Almonds:         for garnishing
  • ice:                   to make it cool  and crunchy.


  1. Take a blender and wash it.
  2. Add mangoes which are cut in a cube shaped.
  3. Add Milk and blend it.
  4. Add sugar.
  5. Add cream if you want to make it smoothies.
  6. Now, blend it.
  7. Pour this shake in the glass.

It is ready to serve.


  1. It looks cool if you serve the mango milkshake in wine glasses.
  2. Place a small piece of mango at the corner of the glass.
  3. Place some mangoes in the serving plate, for a yummy look.
  4. Now, Enjoy this with your friends and Family.

Waiting for your feedback.

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