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Chicken Pasta Salad
Chicken Pasta Salad

Simpler Recipe of Chicken Pasta Salad

How to make Chicken Pasta Recipe:

Are you curious to know how to make chicken pasta recipe? Are you waiting for such recipe that is easy to made? Are you diet conscious?  Are you looking for such food that you can easily  make at your home? If, yes. Then just follow our simple and easy steps. The recipe that is made by you. The ever best salad. The love of every heart. The ever delicious food. you can serve this recipe in dinner or in lunch. It helps to reduce weight. It helps to reduce cholesterol. To make such a delicious chicken pasta recipe, just follow few steps. look ahead.

Preparation time:

  • Yield :-                  2-3 servings
  • Prep time:           50 minutes
  • cook time:           20 minutes


  • rotini pasta of your choice cooked and drained (8 oz.)
  • 2cups broccoli florets, lightly blanched
  • 1 1cups three cheese ranch dressing or 1 12 cups regular ranch dressing
  • 1(6 ounce) package cooked chicken breasts, cuts or chopped red pepper
  • 12 green pepper
  • 1cup slivered onion


  1. Toss all ingredients .
  2. let them refrigerate.
  3. Can be made up to 2 days ahead.
  4. Serve chilled .
  5. You can palce at room temperature.
  6. Can be easily doubled.

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