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Delicious Strawberry shake
Delicious Strawberry shake

Strawberry Shake

Hello, Everyone.It’s time to chill with your fellows. When friends feel thirsty then the name comes out from your brain and heart is “Strawberry Shake“. A very delicious and cool drink I ever made. I hope you are will enjoy this stunning shake and also share it with your friends. This shake is famous in California. People of California drink this shake as we drink water. This shake is part of their life. Their babies like it. This  is health giving and nutritious. No one knows the benefits of Strawberry. It’s too sweeter and easy to made at home. When I tried this shake, I feel that I can’t able to make this but when I tried, believe me,  it took no time. Just prepare in 10 minutes.The ever easier and simpler drink I have ever seen in my life. There is nothing like fresh in summers than strawberries. Try them in your shake or you can try them in Salads and also in fruit chaat. None of you can deny the benefits of strawberries.

Benefits of strawberries

Advantages of Strawberries:

  1. Reduce Cholesterol.
  2. Makes your skin clear.
  3. Excellent source of folate.
  4. Enrich with Vitamin C.
  5. Helps in burn calories.
  6. Boost short term memory.
  7. Improve your eyesight.
  8. having anti-aging properties.

Preparation time:

  • Yield:      2 glasses
  • Time:       15 minutes


  • Strawberries:     3-4
  • sugar:                   2 tbsp
  • vanilla:                 1/2 tbsp
  • cream:                  1 cup
  • ice:                         as required.
  • milk:                     2 cups


  1. First of all, pick  blender  and 2 glasses.
  2. In the blender,  add strawberries.
  3. Add sugar.
  4. Add Vanilla
  5. Blend the ingredient.
  6. Add a milk.
  7. Now add cream for make it more creamy and fluffy.
  8. Blend it well, that all the ingredients mix and comes in the shake.
  9. Add ice and blend for a second.
  10. Put this shake in the glass.

Serving tips:-

Now, the question is how to serve the shake.

  • Just take a wine glass and put the shake in the glass.
  • Take a strawberry, cut it from the center and place it at the corner of a  glass.
  • Now, Serve this immediately.

Enjoy this healthy Strawberry shake with your friends. And party hard.

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  1. Simply beautiful way to tell a story. I can see a chdilren’s book.. with these photographs and a rhyme for each page. Love all the shots.. great macro entry.

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