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Squash Stir Fry

Continental Dish

Here we present Pakwan special recipe.  This is such a delicious recipe that made with onions, bell peppers, sun dried tomatoes, feta and avocado. Squash Stir Fry Print Recipe The most interesting recipe that can be cooked in just few minutes. CourseMain Dish CuisineItalian Servings Prep Time 3 people 10 ...

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Spicy Delicious Macaroni

Delicious macaronis

Spicy Delicious Macaronis Are you excited to know that what we are going to cook today? If you are the beginner and don’t know how to prepare macaronis at home. No need to worry about it. This is very easy and very simple meal that you can easily prepare. This ...

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Lasagna Continental Recipe

Lasagna Continental dish

When people hear the name “Lasagna”, everyone acts like thirsty. All youngster loves lasagna. Now, I am going to surprise you people by telling such an easy recipe of lasagna. Are you ready? Yes. Here I am telling you some important facts about Lasagna.It is a continental dish. But, when ...

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