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potato Cheese cutlets
Sweet potato cutlets

Tasty And Spicy Cheese Potato Cutlets

Hey.How’s you, everyone? Today, the topic is how to prepare Cheese Potato Cutlets? I am here to tell you how to make cheese potato cutlets. Kids are in love with this recipe. I know you all try my recipes and really enjoy it. I am happy as you people response me well. I wish you all to love my meals. When cheese and potatoes are together, nobody refuses, to taste such a delicious meal. This enriches me vitamins, potassium and fibres.  We mix these two amazing ingredients and make special and spicy cutlets. No one keeps themselves away from these suspicious kabab. These cutlets also known as “Kabab”.  We had preordered and also had cheese cutlets with potato crusts.It was absolutely  wonderful.

Here is the recipe.

Preparation time of Potato Cheese Cutlets:

  • Preparation time: 15 minutes
  • cook time:               15 minutes
  • Total:                       10 balls


  • Potatoes:          5-6 potatoes
  • cheese:              1/2 cup
  • green chilli:      2-3 tbsp
  • onion:                 1/4 cup
  • cabbage:            1/4 cup
  • salt:                     to taste
  • red chilli:            2-3 tbsp
  • bread crumbs:  as required
  • oil:                       for frying


  • First of all. prepare a mixture for cutlets.
  • Add mashed potatoes, onion, cabbage and salt.
  • Add green chilli, red chilli. salt.
  • Mix all the ingredients very well
  • Now, take a small amount of mixture in your hand and spread it on your hand.
  • take a small piece of cheese and pour it  in the mixture.
  • Make a round shaped small balls.
  • Now, take a pan and put oil in the pan.
  • when oil is heated, add balls in the oil.
  • When these balls turn into golden brown colour, then place them in the plate.
  • Do upper step for all the balls.
  • Now, cheese potato balls are ready to eat.


  • Serve these cutlets with ketchup.
  • Also, serve these cutlets with poinda raita.
  • If you add coke with your meal, then a delicious taste can change your world.

Enjoy these delicious cheese balls with your family and school friends. Even your kids can take these cutlets in their lunchbox. It must be a healthy lunch or dinner. You people can make these in your tea parties. I hope you all enjoy my suspicious and ever tastier balls.

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