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Tips to Reduce Excess Salt In Food or In Curry

Tips to Reduce Excess Salt In Food

Tips to Reduce Excess Salt In Food or In Curry

It is the matter of every Kitchen or Problem for every beginner in adding salt in food. They add either more salt or sometimes less salt in food. If the salt is too much than it makes the food unpalatable and also not good for health. Excess of Salt may increase your blood pressure or many other diseases. To overcome this, i am going to tell you some interesting tips on how to remove excess salt. Firstly, i want to give you some suggestion that less amount of salt is much better than excess salt. Now below there are some tips. Hopefully, you all will learn them easily.


1- Wheat Flour Dough:-

                     If wheat flour dough make small balls (about 1/2 inch) of wheat flour dough and put them in your food. Keep them in your curry or food for 15- 20 minutes and take it out. Now taste your food again. It must lost considerable amount of salt.

Wheat flour dough has salt sucking ability. Another important thing is that size is not fixed. Your ball size or number of balls may vary with the amount of salt you want to reduce. More Salt, more balls and so on.

Wheat Flour Dough

2- Boiled Potatoes:-

It is an interesting fact but it is true. Yes, boiled potatoes also can help in reduce excess salt in food. If wheat flour dough is not present, then you can take a boiled potato, cut it in four pieces and put it in your curry or food. Take out potatoes after 10 – 15 minutes. Taste your food and feel the difference. If you want to reduce more salt than add more number of potatoes, take them out after sometimes and enjoy your food.

Boiled Potatoes

3- Water:-

Yes, you can use water to reduce salt’s taste. Add some water according to the desired quantity. Heat the food and taste your food or curry.



Milk acts as the best substituent of water. It would be better than water. If you add some milk, it would be best idea. May be, you do not know the fact, but it’s true that milk not only dilute the salt but also increase fragrance and taste of food.

Kitchen Milk Jug




In lemon, citric acid is present. It can help to balance excess salt in your food.


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  1. wow dal looks so yummy. it looks like the dal my mom used to make for dal pakwan we made this dal at times. and i liked ur pretansetion. it looks so tempting and inviting

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