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Delicious Halwa
Delicious Halwa

Traditional Halwa – A sweet dish

How to make Delicious Halwa:

Are you curious? Do you want to know how to Halwa at home? Doesn’t you want to know how to prepare Halwa? Halwa is a traditional sweet dish. In romantic weather people love to eat Halwa. And it is scientifically proved that by eating some sweet, stress can easily released. Yes, It’s true. People take too much sweets in tension or in depression unintentionally or intentionally.Medically, it helps to reduce pain in throat. Today, we are going to prepare a special and delicious dish, Halwa. The eye catching display of any sweet dish like halwa is really mouth watering. I’m in love with this tasty delicious halwa. Now get ready! To know how to make halwa at your home. TO make this delicious meal by yourself just by following my recipe. Just follow the steps and make superb halwa. If you are worry about that it takes too much time than no need to worry about it. It just take 20 -30 minutes in preparation.The ever simple sweet meal that you can easily made by you. Make this meal and love my food. Serve this halwa in your dinner and also you can make it in breakfast. Just close our eyes and think about it.  Enjoy this delicious sweet meal with your friends and family. Don’t forget to give us your feedback. Always waiting for your opinion.


Yield:                    2-3 serving

cooking time:     20 minutes

prep time:            30 minutes


oil:                     1 cup
sugar:                1 cup
Sujhi:                1 cup
water:               2 cups
milk:                 1/2 milk

For Garnish:-

coconut:    1/4 cup
Almond:    1/4 cup 
peanuts:    1/4 cup


  • Heat oil in a pan.
  • Add sujhi in the oil.
  • and stir it until it gets golden brown.
  • add sugar in the mixture.
  • add water .
  • add milk in the pan and stir it well.
  • Continue stirring until all the ingredients mix together.
  • Now Add Almond, coconut and peanuts and mix the halwa.
    Now delicious halwa is ready to eat.

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